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ELTEC Projects Over the Years – Our Best Worked Examples

With over 30 years of experience delivering electrical and technology projects across sectors, ELTEC has been involved in some truly remarkable assignments over the years. Our bespoke solutions catering to complex requirements, expertise across latest technological interventions and a customer-centric approach have resulted in long-standing partnerships with clients.

In this blog series, we showcase some of our best worked examples grouped across industries and domains:

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities ELTEC has been the partner of choice for establishment of state-of-the-art manufacturing units with cutting-edge electrical and automation infrastructure empowering many marquee names achieve operational excellence.

Our work with electric vehicle pioneer Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg spearheading their foray into Europe as well as semiconductor major Intel’s Germany expansion signifies ELTEC’s capabilities around systems essential for precision manufacturing environments and sophisticated production processes.

Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure Healthcare institutions today aim for building systems reflecting reliability, highest safety and sustainability benchmarks. ELTEC has successfully delivered projects upgrading hospital electrical networks to smart, green and resilient infrastructure.

Our teams upgraded a 100 year old municipal hospital in Dresden, Germany with digital building management systems integrated with medical equipment and achieved over 60% savings on electrical consumption through IoT-based real-time monitoring and optimization.

Reimagining Public Space Experiences Curating engaging experiences for visitors necessitates imaginative spaces enabled by choreographed architectural finishing and customized electrical features.

For the Hamburg Planetarium in Germany, ELTEC designed dazzling dynamic LED lighting systems with pre-set controls varying colors and patterns for creating immersive simulations of cosmic elements complementing their 8K 3D theater system.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts covering more of ELTEC’s signature projects modernizing commercial, hospitality, transportation, government sector facilities over the years!

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