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Common Electrical Issues in Old Buildings and Upgradation Tips

Electrical systems in old buildings and structures often succumb to deterioration over time – be it ware and tear of wiring, outdated panels or insufficient capacity. Periodic upgradation of electrical infrastructure is therefore essential for safety, efficient operations as well as extending the longevity of the facilities.

In this blog, we cover some of the typical electrical issues plaguing old constructions and respective solutions facility owners can consider:

Frequent Tripping and Blown Fuses This usually results from circuits getting overloaded than what they are designed for or short circuits due to damaged wiring. Replacing outdated panels with sufficient capacity breakers, circuit segregation and wiring repairs help resolve tripping problems.

Power Fluctuations and Dropouts Flickering lights, equipment malfunctions and shutdowns indicate serious voltage fluctuation issues. This necessitates upgrade of main distribution boards, grounding systems, circuit restructuring as per loads and adding power conditioning equipment.

Shocks and Faults Small shocks or major faults caused by exposed live wires or water/moisture seepage into broken conduits present major safety issue. Infrared scanning helps identify faults for fixing leakage while insulation improvements and waterproof conduits enable proactive mitigation.

Spare Capacity Constraints Space and provisioning constraints for adding new loads is common in old electrical architectures. Integrating modular accessories, busbar trunking systems and extending main distribution capacity offer feasible upgrades.

Get in touch with ELTEC’s experts to understand the right upgradation needs specific to your facility through electrical infrastructure assessment and recommendation of customized safety and efficiency solutions.

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