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Electrical Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

The electrical industry is gearing up for an exciting year ahead, with several emerging technologies and innovations pushing new paradigms in efficiency, connectivity and intelligence. As an electrical engineering specialist serving diverse industries, we at ELTEC Group are always exploring the bleeding edge of this rapidly evolving landscape.

In this post, we have rounded up some of the biggest electrical trends that are expected to shape 2023 and beyond:

Internet of Things (IoT) Becomes Mainstream The connected ecosystem of smart electrical devices and systems communicating real-time data over the internet is gaining rapid adoption across sectors. In 2023, we expect to see IoT become more mainstream within building infrastructures. Intelligent, self-optimizing electrical installations integrated with IoT will be the norm rather than exception for next-gen smart buildings and industrial facilities. Regulatory standards will also evolve around IoT security and interoperability.

Rise of Smart Lighting Infrastructure LED lighting systems with inbuilt intelligent controls for dimming, occupancy-based switching and daylight adjustment are already popular. The next wave of innovation focuses on grid connectivity, metering and software integration. Networked smart lighting systems with granular visibility and control over energy consumption patterns will be a major area with progressive advancements in 2023 through wireless tech like LiFi.

Renewable Energy Integration Gets Better The capabilities around distributed renewable energy integration are accelerating with innovations in smart inverters and battery storage systems. 2023 could see more buildings and facilities achieve self-sufficiency by harvesting onsite solar energy coupled with smarter control on usage and dispatch. This also necessitates electrical engineers to master grid-integrated distributed energy resource management in design and upgrades.

The future of electrical systems will be undoubtedly more connected, efficient and sustainable. As updation cycles get shorter, the need for expert consultancy and implementation partners also increases for building owners and facility managers to stay relevant. Get in touch with our team at ELTEC Group to know more about how we can help you benefit from the upcoming innovations.

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