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50 Years of Excellence in Electrical and Building Technology, Delivering Quality Solutions Globally with Expert Precision.

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ServicesIntegrated Solutions for Safety, Efficiency, and Communication

  • Power Utilities: Essential electrical equipment for generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Manufacturing Sector: High-quality electrical distribution gear for factories and industries.
  • Commercial Buildings & Infrastructure: Efficient power solutions for offices, malls, hospitals, and more.
  • Transportation: Specialized tech for railways, airports, and electric vehicles.
  • Marine Infrastructure: Custom electrical solutions for ports, rigs, and ships.
  • Oil & Gas Industry: Switchgears and equipment for exploration and refining.
  • Transmission and Distribution A premier manufacturer supplying vital equipment for power transmission and distribution networks.
  • Infrastructure Projects Member of various key infra projects by supplying advanced electrical systems essential for their functioning.
  • Industrial Applications Powering a vast number of industries with product portfolio meeting every electrical requirement.
  • Renewable Energy Sector Supporting solar, wind and tidal farms with tailor-made products enhancing generation and grid integration.

Nothing works without electricity. From normal electrics to high-end solutions: To ensure that everything runs smoothly later, ELTEC offers tailor-made solutions worldwide for each individual project.

The services offered by ELTEC Group include the
planning, assembling and maintenance of systems that continue to guarantee maximum reliability also in the future and that can be adapted to the latest techno-logical standard any one time at a minimum expense.

ELTEC stands for competence and reliability, whether it is the construction of new shopping and data centers, the modernization of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, power and substations for energy suppliers or entire airports.

since 1970since 1970

We work for you since 1970

Helmuth Penz, the founder of ELTEC, established the company in 1970 and transformed it into a globally recognized business. With a focus on international activities, ELTEC expanded its presence in Germany, Europe, Arabian and African countries, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. In 1990, Helmuth Penz played a pioneering role in East Germany’s electrical systems engineering post-German reunification.

Today, ELTEC’s main focus is on international operations, with subsidiary companies like BEH ELTEC Polska in eastern Europe and group companies in Germany. Additionally, ELTEC has a 50% stake in BCS Building Control Systems, based in Warsaw, Poland.

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 Reuchlinstr. 10 / Aufgang R, 5. OG. 10553 Berlin

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